Our Mission

Building relationships telling and retelling your stories through personal, engaging, short videos and content—that’s our mission: we aim to make the world smaller and your voice bigger.
— Derek Archer, CEO and Founder

     Dear Friend,

   Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Your visit is most welcome and we invite you to pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and stay a while.

   Over these pages, you will meet many people like you struggling with the same problems you are facing. You will see some of their victories and also some of their failures. But in them all, we hope you will take away some valuable life lessons--goals to achieve and dangers to avoid.

   And before you leave, would you tell us and the world your own stories? Would you help us make a better tomorrow by learning from our yesterdays? Connect with us below. We want to hear from you.

   Lastly, as you pack up your bags and head to your car, share your experience here with a friend. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and to the Hit Your Mark YouTube Channel. We have provided a large selection of social media connections below to make it easy for you to spread the word and help someone else. After all, sharing is caring.

   At our heart though, we don't simply listen to and share stories--we help you BROADCAST your stories to the world. It is not enough these days simply to have a website or a blog--everyone can do that and that is the problem: information overload. How do you reach YOUR FANS? How do you get found? This is where we come in. Check out our free training and other resources and if you like what you see, we invite you to take one of our courses or try our services on your behalf--you have the story; we have the tools. It's time for the world to hear from you.

Aim high, aim straight, and always hit your mark,


Founder and CEO: Derek Archer



Bluemont, VA

@DerekArcher86 on Twitter/Periscope

(regular livestreams)


How we achieve our mission 

  • Meeting new people like you
  • Hearing your story--personal, business, dreams, beliefs, romance, and everything in between--unlike in legends of lore, not every story has a happy ending and we recognize that; but we also believe that its not the end until it is. Maybe we can be a part of helping you influence your future stories to find that happy ending
  • Helping you tell your story: blogs, online forums, websites, e-mails, videos, social media, ebook or emagazine, and perhaps, in the rare exception, even through the ancient art of paper publication
  • Sharing your story through our many points of connection using webinars and periscope--people don't want you to sell to them but they do want you to inform them; once they trust you, then they want to buy from you! Let us help you get the word out.
  • Empowering you with the tools you need to continue to build and tell your story long after the initial campaign has been started on autopilot
  • Enabling you to leave a legacy for your family, friends, and other loved ones, stretching perhaps even to the world
  • Building a better tomorrow by learning from yesterday starts with you