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How to Use Facebook for Business: 13 Essential Tips [Infographic]

Written by Lindsay Kolowich | @

Facebook is constantly making changes to the design of the profiles -- for businesses and individuals alike. They've made a few cool changes in the past few years, includingadding call-to-action buttons to business Pages and letting you record company milestones, like product launches and events.


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Feel Like a Fraud? This Short Quiz Will Reveal Just How Bad Your Imposter Syndrome Is

By Stacey Gawronski

All of us, at one point or another, have questioned our capabilities and competence. Maybe you’ve wondered how you got hired and handed big job responsibilities. Or, maybe the fact that you keep getting promoted keeps you up at night. You might even think it’s only a matter of time before you’re found out, called into your boss’ office and told that your time at the organization has come to a swift end. In fact, research reported in a NY Mag article published this week suggests that “if you haven’t had a moment in which you were buffeted by these sorts of fears, you’re in the minority.”

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How to Train Your Brain to Write More Concisely: 6 Creative Exercises to Try

Written by Eddie Shleyner | @VeryGoodCopy

Every time I write, my goal is to write easy-to-read sentences.

I never want my audience to stumble or slow down or start a sentence over. That’s why, whenever possible, I use simple words instead of jargon, periods instead of semicolons, and active voice instead of passive voice. Most importantly, though, that’s why I strive to write concisely.




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5 Habits of Happy People (That Don't Include Reading Self-Help Books)

By Peter Economy of Inc.

According to Jessica Pryce-Jones, author of Happiness at Work: Maximizing Your Psychological Capital for Success, happy people have 180% more energy than their peers, and they are 155% happier at work. They are also 150% happier with their lives and scored 50% higher in motivation than their peers. And, lastly, she found that happy people are 50% more productive!

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Gwen Stefani thought her stardom would fade. It didn't, and it's because she's far savvier than many realize

Written by Daniel Roth

In late March, Gwen Stefani achieved a music milestone that only a dozen or so artists before her had accomplished: she hit No. 1 on the Billboard album chart as a solo artist after having previously done so with a band. The first time it was with No Doubt in the late 1990s; this time it was on her own with This Is What the Truth Feels Like. The other musicians who’d charted with a group and on their own required just single names to be recognized: Clapton, Beyonce, Lennon, McCartney, Joplin.

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview: The 25-Minute Routine That Can Make a Big Difference [Infographic]

Written by Kayla Kozan | @kaylakozan

So you landed the interview. Congratulations! You’re one step closer to your dream job. But before you drop the mic, let’s make sure you’re ready to nail that interview.

I know it’s tough to carve out a couple hours to do the ideal amount of job interview prep. You’re busy! Maybe you’re already juggling two jobs, you’ve got kids to pick up from daycare, you’ve got a dishwasher to unload … okay, maybe just a season of House of Cards to finish.


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by Markiesha Ollison

It’s no secret that social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even SnapChat are redefining what it means to advertise on social media. The evolution from outdated banner ads to new aged native ads has already enhanced the social advertising experience for marketers and consumers alike. Marketers have been forced to create quality content that adds value to the lives of their audience. In response, consumers now make more informed buying decisions.

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11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)

Written by Amanda Sibley | @AmandaSibley

As a marketer, you know by now that most (if not all) of your potential customers are likely a part of Facebook's massive community. There are 890 million people signing into Facebook every single day. So, whether your target audience is college students or CEOs, they're probably using Facebook -- and some of them are using it daily.

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The surprising habits of original thinkers

by Adam Grant  Organizational psychologist

How do creative people come up with great ideas? Organizational psychologist Adam Grant studies "originals": thinkers who dream up new ideas and take action to put them into the world. In this talk, learn three unexpected habits of originals — including embracing failure. "The greatest originals are the ones who fail the most, because they're the ones who try the most," Grant says. "You need a lot of bad ideas in order to get a few good ones."

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