The Importance of Content Marketing & Branding

by Jolynn Pehlke

Marketing is one of the pillars of an effective business strategy. It is becoming more and more evident that no business can thrive and prosper without effective marketing plans. Some of the companies (particularly cellular service providers) spend 80% of their budget on marketing alone. Digital marketing is the most evolving of all the marketing means during the last 2 decades or so. Within the digital marketing niche, content marketing and branding are the most trending.

Why content marketing is important for your company?

About a couple of decades back, conventional marketing techniques experienced a slump in achieving marketing objectives and digital marketing strategists switched to content marketing. Content marketing strategies proved to be an instant and roaring success. Google defines content marketing as

“Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage as clearly defined and understood target audience-with the objective or driving profitable customer action”

Content marketing is aimed at generating leads by attracting the potential customers by utilizing the topics of interest for a clearly defined and understood target audience. The businesses publish content that the potential clients find interesting. Once the target audience engages with the content, marketing message is delivered in the process. Content marketing is especially important for your company when the conventional marketing techniques are falling flat and difficult to push through.

Content marketing is all about engaging the client, answer their queries, provide solutions to their problems, increase the traffic to your website. The whole content marketing process culminates into a sales pitch.

Why branding is important for your company?

Branding is a digital marketing concept that has been in vogue for quite sometimes, but really picked up only about a couple of decades back. Branding is a business marketing essential that has taken birth from the need to be recognized by the client. As the global reach of businesses is quickly expanding, so is the competition getting fierce. That calls for more aggressive and effective marketing techniques and branding is the answer.

Branding is the concept that lends a personality to your company. Your company takes the shape of a brand and your customer recognize you with your brand name. Some brands, like Nike, McDonalds, and Apple, became so famous that a simple logo is enough for brand recognition.

A brand is automatically associated with certain company traits like logo, website, social media image, customer experience, products, services and everything else about a company image. So when a product is associated with your brand that consumers love, then it is guaranteed to sell.

Your brand is a driving force and a brilliant motivational force for your workforce who feel pride in association with a prominent brand name. It adds to the productivity of your workforce as a company.

A strong brand name creates a bonding connection between the business and the customer. The customer knows what to expect from a company’s product or service and vice versa.