The Businesses of the Future?

The collision of old markets and new technologies is creating work from home solopreneur opportunities in droves-

But you don't have to take our word for it--we'll just show you the way to quench your thirst if you want to create your own lifestyle

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With SendOutCard's web interfaced business, you can easily send a greeting card to someone's mailbox just like you were sending an email. That explains why so many people are now signing up to become distributors: it feels like easy money. 

Having said that, I don't understand why SendOutCards is teaching old marketing skills like the 3-foot rule of talking to anyone who will listen to you within 3-feet. Wouldn't you rather have 50 to 100 leads per day coming to you and asking you to sign them up? 

So, what would a young Bill Gates do? Leverage the world wide web, right? 

10-Step SendOutCards Process To Own This Market: 

SendOutCards Step #1: Make Your Website a Blog That Search Engines Love. Google will push you higher in search results so you get found because Google loves Blogs. It's so easy to create a Blog. When you place information on your Blog, Google comes along and "catalogs" it. As people search online, Google gives them a little teaser of your information. They will then click over to your Blog to read your article. That's how you drive traffic! 

SendOutCards Step #2: Repeat After Me, “I Am An Educator, NOT A Solicitor.” People hate being sold but they love information. Put that valuable information on the Internet - the same information you speak with prospects about today. Then, you don't have to talk to every lead. Better yet, they help themselves to the info they're interested in and then contact YOU. 

SendOutCards Step #3: Get "Prospect Bait" By Setting Alerts In Google.Google allows you to setup alerts within your Google account by requesting specific information be sent to you. Relevant info is most likely interesting to your prospects, too. When the alerts are sent to your email box, read them, educate yourself and rewrite or repost (with credit of course) to your Blog. Repeat the first and second steps above. 

SendOutCards Step #4: Use FaceBook As A Prospect Magnet. Did you know FaceBook now gets more searches than Yahoo? Post your Blog URL (link) on your FaceBook page, casually offer tips about your business (remember never sell) make friends and they'll want to know (do business with) you. Sure, beats home and hotel meetings. 

SendOutCards Step #5: Post On Twitter And Automatically Post On FaceBook At The Same Time. In your Twitter account, choose to have your Twitter posts magically post on FaceBook simulataneously. Now, post through Twitter. As people follow you on Twitter, invite them to FaceBook. On FaceBook, all of your friends get to see your Tweets. Kill two birds, with one tweet. 

SendOutCards Step #6: Capture Leads With An Opt-in Form You Create By Copying and Pasting. Use Aweber, an email autoresponder service that allows you to easily capture prospect information and track it, while people visit your site. Aweber actually gives you forms that you just copy and paste onto your blog. Now you're building a list of people who have asked you for information about you and your business. 

Once someone has opted-in to your Blog, do a search for their email address in FaceBook and invite them to be your friend. 

SendOutCards Step #7: Automatically Send Emails To Prospects While Sleeping. Give your leads the information they've requested, after all, they've given you their permission. Write several emails in sequence, with more information about your opportunity. Put your contact information in your email. Automatically send the emails every other day or so. 

Most people need to see something at least 7 times before purchasing, so write at least 7 emails. 

SendOutCards Step #8: Hot Prospects Have Visited Your Site And Want To Talk To You. CALL THEM! The key here is to get people to talk about themselves. Connect. Ask them a lot of questions about them and why they are looking for a business. Help them to figure out what they're looking for. Remember - no selling! 

SendOutCards Step #9: Look Online At Your Sales. I like to do this during lunch, or as I come out of a matinee, or maybe as I'm waiting to have coffee with a girlfriend in the morning. Nothing feels better than to see money coming in while doing something fun. 

SendOutCards Step #10: Repeat Steps 3 through 9, Every Day. 

Congratulations! In less than A Couple Of Hours, You've just created a Marketing System. New school Internet marketing brings people to you rather than you chasing people, the old school way, convincing them to buy your products. Over a million people are online everday looking for your offering: how to make more money. Why shouldn't you be the person they find when searching? 

Internet marketing can bring to you over 100 leads daily, free. Plus, systems help you easily grow your team because it's easy for others to simply model you. Unfortunately, most Network Marketing companies are not utilizing online marketing systems, but that means there's a huge opportunity for those that do! 

So, go for it "Bill", before you know it - you'll be monopolizing your market! 

There's more traffic driving, conversion strategies where these came from. To learn specifically how to generate your own leads, increase your conversion rates and get valuable Internet resources to build your SendOutCards business, you'll want to check out our free Internet and Attraction marketing training. 

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Author: Stephanie Robey.

Stephanie Robey is President and CoFounder of Pivot Positive, LLC - an Internet marketing business focused on helping people start work at home ventures. Previously, she was employed at The Search Agency with over 20 years experience in graphic design and 10 years experience in online marketing. She was responsible for launching the Conversion Path Optimization (CPO) unit where she and her team have conducted hundreds of optimization tests for online companies across multiple verticals.