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The Bike:


With the birth of my second daughter, Haven, it became relevant for me to say farewell to my trusty motorcycle. You see this is the first bike I ever rode much less owned and the power under the fairing is simply breathtaking. At 100 hp @ 8500 rpms and with a torque of 79 lbs @ 6000 rpms, this was a very dangerous machine for a new biker to own. 

It quickly threw me onto the asphalt before I had even finished purchasing the bike. With my herculean strength, I lifted the bike upright, finished the purchase, and made the most foolish decision of my life. 

Buying a motorcycle wasn't the most foolish. Buying this motorcycle wasn't the most foolish. But buying my first motorcycle with this kind of power and never having driven one before was sheer madness. 

A couple days later, I had my first wreck on gravel, re-injured my collarbone, and sent the bike crashing into the back of a parked SUV. The police officer filing the report gave me a ticket but said that if I took the motorcycle safety course that I should have  


taken before getting on the bike in the first place, the court case would probably get thrown out.

So...I found a motorcycle safety course for beginners--you know, the one that the DMV requires a new driver under the age of 21 to take. It was one of the best decisions of my life. A couple days later, I graduated at the top of my class and felt king of the world. I left the course on my ST1100 and felt a deep bond with an inanimate object. 

It was almost like the days of the Wild West still existed and the bond between a cowboy and his horse was simply passed on from animal to machine. I knew that if that motorcycle wanted me dead, it would throw me further than Babe Ruth could hit a baseball. But I also knew that I was at last its master and it would obey my body's every command. And so...we rode off into the sunset. 

Well, the final sunset of my time with this beautiful machine is about to set in for good, but I plan to make this final memory a lifelong one. Will you join me on the ride of a lifetime as I capture and share this final journey?

Derek R Archer  Founder and CEO  Hit Your Mark Media of  Archer Consolidated
Derek R Archer
Founder and CEO
Hit Your Mark Media of
Archer Consolidated
An Adventure Begins
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Crossing the Continent

on my Honda ST1100 over 10 days

with only what I can carry

The Scoop:



One Bike

One Rider

I will be riding solo the entire way but tandem with my wife until we reach her parents' place in Minnesota. I will then continue on through some of the most breathtaking sights our country has to offer and hope you will join me in this photography and vlogging adventure!   

2838 Miles

2,838 Miles

The goal is at least 400 miles a day across 8 or 9 days with a couple days as flex, rest, and sight-seeing days. I plan to post and upload pictures every couple hours throughout the journey, showcasing mobile and 360 and drone photography across the continent. 

One Bike

One Bike

The trick of this trip will be simplicity. With a backpack and two saddlebags, there will be room enough for the barest of essentials. But afterall, the journey of life is best lived with less, so join me in a simplification campaign: De-clutter. De-stress. Live more. 


Big Launch

Hit Your Mark Media will be celebrating this epic journey with challenges and give-aways, competitions and prizes, and our largest course offering yet--the launch for success in your HAMS slippers: a course designed to take you from concept to business to website to success. 

Throughout this launch, we will present the best photography and video cases, lenses, and apps on the market for your specific smartphone to turn it into a professional shooting, editing, and broadcasting tool. 

We will even give our followers a crash-course in graphic design from both mobile and desktop. You too can begin living the life of your dreams, doing what you love, where you want, in your slippers. 

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The purpose of this crazy adventure

I hope to bring awareness to a few key causes during this motorcycle adventure across the United States. Not only am I hoping to inspire and empower individuals in the US to launch their own lifestyle dreams, but I am want to bring awareness to the fact that the only solution to world poverty and hunger is effective productivity around the world.

My challenge to you: launch for success and create the lifestyle of your dreams. Then inspire and help others both near and far to do the same. Pay it forward.
— Derek Archer, Founder and CEO of Hit Your Mark Media, an Archer company
Launch for Success

Opportunity looks differently around the world. In the United States, you can only truly blame yourself for not living your dreams as opportunities abound. In other places of the world though, there are hard-working, well-meaning individuals who are looking to better their position in life but can barely put food on the table much less launch their own business with the appropriate capital.

Will you join the KIVA mission and send micro-loans to startup businesses around the world?