Video: The Great Differentiator

The break with mainstream video

There was a time when Hollywood could command attention at the flick of a switch...that time has passed. Internet video streaming has broken this power in two ways:

  1. Anyone with access to the internet can tune in to the channels they want instead of simply what is being broadcast on the cable networks: web surfing, bloggers, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  2. Anyone with access to the internet can now create their own channel through Twitch, Periscope, Blab, Facebook Live--the channels multiply each day

The production of film traditionally has been relegated to the realm of Hollywood, but all of the hyped special effects and far-fetched story lines are turning especially the millennials into a disenchanted crowd.

People are hungry for authenticity, not supposed reality TV. Hollywood works hard to deliver a "larger-than-life" experience and they have done this so well that the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction now as people are asking, "What is the 'real life' experience?" 

This is a major break with the past century of film and we are just starting to see the tip of the iceberg of this new subculture movement as live streaming moves more mainstream across all platforms. 

The rise of 'Native Video'

So why does this even matter? What implications does this have for you and your business? The rise of 'native video'--and by this term, we mean the original, unedited or minimally edited raw footage being recorded every day by everyday people, usually simply straight from a smartphone and uploaded to a social network--has huge positive implications for small businesses in particular. 

It means that small businesses can actually compete now for customer attention through video. And what a powerful vehicle for clear communication!

Body language makes up for 55% of human communication; tone of voice makes up for 38%; while actual spoken or written words account for only 7% of communication. Is it any wonder why it is so hard to communicate your message through print? Is it any wonder why we are so quickly misunderstood in an e-mail or text?

Content will always be script based, but the preferred vehicle of delivery is now video at 78% of web traffic. Never before has so much information been in the hand and never before has the power of vivid personal communication transcended so many miles.

Yet, the vast majority of us fail to take advantage of personal video communication, especially in business? Why is that? Let us help you overcome your fears and leverage your best asset--you!


Video e-mail is one of the best ways to separate yourself from your competition by defining your best asset for your clients--YOU! Using BombBomb, we'll show you how to get started! Use the app too!

Native Video

It can take a lot of work to film quality videos and edit them, so if you are looking for that polish to impress your clients at a 90% discount, check out our video studio offer. 

Video Gear

You live in the mobile age. Mobile cameras have developed enough and now with some added accessories, you can compete with your mobile phone against DSLRs. You already have what you need to start!


Want simply to book a videographer instead? Have a special event? Want a video bio for your website or e-mail tagline? Need a video drone? 360? How about a live video broadcaster or interviewer?

Explore some of the best practices for jumping into the world of live broadcasting using just your smartphone. There simply is no better tool for reaching your ideal fans with your message.

Virtual reality is not simply for video gamers. This new unfolding technology has vast implications for realtors, journalists, immersive advertising, event planners, service industries, and many others!