The marketing team of any company properly drives the company forward by identifying qualified leads.

The marketer plays the primary role in the first two stages of the inbound methodology (attracting and converting), inviting strangers to take a closer look, listening to problems, and nurturing visitors into qualified leads through offering solutions.

Unlike in traditional marketing funnels, everything the marketing team does in the inbound model is tracked, analyzed and recorded through digital analytics and communicated with the sales team. 

This empowers the sales team to know in real time which qualified leads are hottest and need to be nurtured over the closing line. 

The synergy between the marketing and sales team within the inbound model is unprecedented and the true power of the system to reach company-wide long-term and short-term goals. If you can't measure it, you can't control it. 




The sales team of any company properly ensures that the company moves forward through closing qualified leads into paying customers.

The sales professional plays the primary role in the last two stages of the inbound methodology (closing and delighting), delivering the solutions offered by the marketing team and wowing these new paying customers into raving, delighted fans. 

While delighting prospects is a key component to the ENTIRE inbound methodology and each player must master this value-adding art, the sales team plays the critical part in this art when walking customers across the finish line.

It is that moment when the transaction happens that a new customer needs to be congratulated, cheered on, and delightedly surprised with added benefits that may not have been communicated by the marketing team. All too often, new customers come away from the closing transaction second-guessing their decision. 

Parabola Synergy

= Company Goals Achieved

Your job is not done yet though. Remember, it is 6-7X less expensive to wow and retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Use your personal automation tools to continue to stay top of mind with your customers, inform them of other opportunities and trends, offer other solutions, and delight them at every turn. Only in this way will you keep and grow your base of fans who are always ready and willing to buy new products and services from  you.