It Comes Back to What Your Mom Always Told You...


"remember your manners"


Build a responsive website to attract strangers into your visitors; to then warm them into your customers and clients; and lastly to wow them into your repeat fans who gossip your goodies to the world. Your website should do this fluidly from the perspective of anyone at any point in this buyer's journey.

Remember, it is 6-7X more cost effective to retain your existing customers than to have a revolving door of new customers. Thank your customers after a transaction and followup with them. Show them that you actually care about them and their needs. Take the time to listen; then respond with solutions. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Hospitality Pineapple

The conclusive point about manners and hospitality is to make others feel welcome and at ease. Any book you read on etiquette or manners boils down to this one simple principle. 

*The pineapple has long been ascribed as the fruit of hospitality prominently finding the root of this belief in Christopher Columbus' second trip to the Caribbean.

People feel awkward in new situations, so customs and forms were adopted by society to address what is "normal" or "proper etiquette" in a broad range of social situations. 

But this does not apply simply to prom or attending your aunt's funeral: it applies to business too and perhaps even especially.

The moment a customer shows up at your physical business or your digital doorstep is the moment that proper etiquette to make them feel warmly welcomed, held in high esteem, and served with deference comes into play. 

This proper etiquette should follow them all the way through the entirety of their visit whether they purchase or not and including their departure with appropriate fanfare. Say a kind word. Wish them well on their way. Invite them back.