Ionic Pillar

Why is innovation the first pillar of delight?

There is often a better way to create and deliver a solution. Innovation is the fuel that fans the spark of inspiration into a fire.

It drives the combustion engine for the operation of your entire company. 

Creativity breathes life into every corner and closet of your business.

It doesn't have to be a huge breakthrough to be innovative. It simply needs to be a new, creative way to better address a problem.

It should be CEO led but team driven. Everyone should be encouraged to think creatively, discuss possible solutions in groups, and offer the best solutions to management. 



Are there ways to incorporate personal touch into your communication?

Each person wants to be treated as a unique individual with special service. Learning how to tailor each corporate policy and practice and package to personal needs with genuine pizzazz is at the heart of better communication. 

If you send a form letter, are you at least addressing the contact with their preferred name? Are you tailoring your messaging across industry and demographic lines? 

Are you appropriately segmenting and targeting in your lists? Are you providing personal followup with direct e-mails, phone calls, video communication, and even cards?



What role does ongoing education play in your company?

Education is the third and perhaps most important value-add pillar. Human resources are the most valuable asset of any company. The more you pour into your employees and contractors, the better equipped they will be to deliver the delight you expect. 

The more you empower your teams to share their cultivated and applied knowledge with your strangers, visitors, leads, customers, and fans at every step along the way, the more likely you are to stay top of mind. 

When your followers are unsubscribing from every other e-mail list, they will think twice about unsubscribing from yours because of the value you provide.